Real College Matters

The College Solution with Lynn O'Shaughnessy

May 20, 2020 Leigh Moore and Dana Strull Season 1 Episode 2
Real College Matters
The College Solution with Lynn O'Shaughnessy
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Lynn O'Shaughnessy, veteran financial reporter (LA Times, CBS Moneywatch, US News and World Report) sits down with Dana and Leigh to talk about college costs.  What is the first step for parents as they begin to forecast college expenses?  How can parents support their student as final college choices must be made during a time of quarantine and long-term financial uncertainty?  Welcome to the conversation!

Links mentioned In the episode
Lynn's post regarding Forbes ratings and overall financial stability of colleges
Tipsheet:  How to tell If your college Is going broke

Opportunities for parents to learn more:
Want a deep dive into college costs?  Register for Lynn's College Costs Lab:  e-mail Lynn directly at this link.  Tell her you heard the podcast, and she will offer you a significant discount on her course.

The Forbes financial health ratings Lynn referenced are among the data Leigh included on this dashboard.   

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First step; formulas to know (5:26)
Appealing financial aid awards, during the Covid-19 crisis or otherwise (14:02)
Explaining the additional complication this year, the new rules around student recruiting (20:58)
How can parents assess the long-term viability of an institution? (34:12)
Are college businesses? (37:07)
Gap years and the Class of 2021 (39:50)